legjobb növénytermesztő eszközök, best indoor grow tools

We’ve collected the latest and greatest plant growing tools from 2019 to help you become a more professional hobby gardener!


perfect pH,, ph balancer, ph regulator, ph stabilizáló, ph kiegyenlítőTorus Hydro PerfectpH automatic pH stabilizer

Torus Hydro has launched two types of pH stabilizers in 2019 which are essential tools for plant growers, as there is no need to deal with pH calibration anymore.

You can use the Torus Hydro pH stabilizer for any hydroponic system or nutrient tank as there are two types of devices available for the right system.

The package contains the device, connectors, and description needed to use the ph stabilizer.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/torus-hydro-perfectph-inline-ph-stabilizer/


Hydro rokz cocos, clay pebbles, coco medium, Atami

Atami Hydo Rokz Cocos 60-40 grow medium

Atami was the first to launch a new mixed grow medium, which is a 60-40% blend of unique composition of clay balls and coconut fibers.

Atami Hydro Rokz Cocos has excellent properties by combining the water retention and airy structure of coconut fibers with the good drainage and oxygen-rich properties of the clay balls.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/atami-hydro-rokz-cocos-60-40-coco-grow-substrate/



Homebox Ambient growbox q 120, growbox, grow tent, növénysátor, termesztő sátorHomebox Ambient Q+ series grow tent

The German manufacturer has taken the function and design of grow tents to a new level, and in 2019 Homebox introduced the Q + series in the Ambient product line.

The latest Q+ tents offer an extra 20cm ceiling height and easy access from any side to the perfectly designed Ambient tents.

Homebox Ambient Q+ Series grow tents continue to have the best PAR+ reflective interior on the market, tear proof canvas, optimum size and number of vents and a sturdy frame.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/homebox-ambient-q-series-indoor-grow-tent/


széndioxid adagoló, co2 dispenserAirbomz CO2 automatic carbon dioxide dispenser

The Airbomz CO2 dispenser immediately won many indoor gardeners by providing adequate carbon dioxide supply in a 1.5 m2 growing area.

The remote-controlled unit with multiple functions and settings is the ideal solution for any hobby gardener who wants to maximize plant growth.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/airbomz-co2-dispenser-carbon-dioxide-spray/



Viresco Olus Bio grow mattermesztő párna, mikrozöldség termesztés

Virens’ latest product is Viresco Olus, a 100% natural cellulose-based grow mat that provides excellent ground for germination and micro-vegetable growing.

Indoor growers love this solution because it is not dirty, can be used for organic growing and provides ideal airy soil for the seeds.

Viresco Olus is easy to compost as it is completely biodegradable in 4 months.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/viresco-olus-grow-mat-growing-pillow-10pcs/


termesztő lámpa, növénytermesztő led, grow led, termesztő lámpa, cob led

California Lightworks SolarXtreme grow LED light

In 2019, California Lightworks launched the latest high-performance, low energy consuming SolarXtreme full spectrum grow LED product line with COB LEDs.

One of the best value-for-money crop LEDs available in the 200-400-800 Watt range.

The SolarXtreme Series is the perfect solution for the germination, growth and flowering phases!

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/california-lightworks-solarxtreme-cob-led-grow-lamp/


nedvesség szabályzó, páraszabályzó

Integra Boost moisture and humidity regulator

Integra Boost is a new and practical solution for controlling moisture humidity.

Integra boost packs of different sizes allow you to maintain 55% -65% percent humidity inside the closed area, whether glass, tent or pantry.

If you don’t want your favorite spices to dry or get mold, then Integra Boost is the cheapest and most effective solution!

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/integra-boost-humidity-regulator-moisture-controller/


Growdirector automatic grow enviroment controllerenviroment conroller, climate controller, growdirector, automatic enviroment control, környezet vezérlő

This year, GrowDirector introduced the dream of hobby gardeners, a tool for fully automatic control of the growing environment.

With GrowDirector, you can program an unlimited number of process rules, control 2300 watts with 7 inputs, set up multiple notifications, and do everything you need to control all your growing equipments.

The upgraded version of GrowDirectorV2 will be available at Playgrowned in February 2020!

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/growdirector-automatic-environment-controller-climate-regulator/


termesztő lámpa, horticulture led lamp, led grow lightKind LED K5 XL1000 Wifi grow LED light

One of the most successful product of Kind LED is the K5 XL1000 grow LED Lamp (This was chosen from us by Faculty of Horticultural Sciences at St. Stephen’s University), which has been further developed with a Wifis unit.

The Kind LED K5 Wifi has a new design, built-in Wi-Fi and processor, and more powerful UV diodes, so the lamp can be fully tuned to the gardener’s needs and the plant life cycle.

The Wifis version is available for pre-order, please contact us for more information.

Product Link: https://playgrowned.com/en/product/kind-led-k5-xl-series-full-spectrum-led-grow-lamp/


lechuza kaspó, prémium kaspó, prémium virágtartó, LechuzaLechuza Cubico Premium planter in new colors

The premium Lechuza flowerpots manufactured in Germany added a new exclusive color range in 2019.

The high-quality plastic pots have a smart, self-irrigating interior besides the aesthetic look. You can also choose a stylish Lechuza roller for easy handling.

Lechuza pots are made of UV resistant, premium quality plastic and will be part of your home for a long time as an aesthetic decoration.

Product Link: coming soon