Correct plant watering, irrigation schedules and use of premium plant fertilisers! How to water your plants correctly and what kind of plant nutrition you should use?

This article describes how to irrigate and fertilise your plants properly, and learn about the industry’s leading plant nutrition manufacturers and their product range! If you are just starting to grow your own, it is important to know the optimal water and nutrient requirements of the choosen plant in order to grow strong and healthy plants.

The article will tell you what to look for to make your plants feel fantastic and which brand to choose from to have a rich and top quality harvest.

The water

Water, or dihydrogen monoxide (in Latin: aqua) is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, its chemical formula is H2O. A colorless, odorless, tasteless, liquid chemical that is the basis of life on earth. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, only 2.5% of which is freshwater, which is available in most places from sources of tap water, rainwater or well water.

Tap Water: The easiest and most common source of water everywhere in Europe. The testing and control of public drinking water in EU is carried out by the Institute of Public Health and local authorities, which requires compliance with the regulations and guarantees that the drinking water is fit for human consumption. The hardness of tap water is determined by the amount of salts dissolved in it, of which calcium and magnesium are the highest. As the water in our region is hard, the EC is between 0.6-0.75, we recommend to use a Growmax water purifier. Disinfection of tap water is done with chlorine gas, which, due to the small amount used, is harmless to the human body, but harmful to microorganisms living in the root zone of the plant.

There are several methods for removing chlorine:

  • By boiling: During boiling and cooling, chlorine evaporates from the water.
  • Rest: chlorine evaporates from the water within 24 hours
  • With water purification system: The Growmax RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter perfectly purifies water from chlorine and all other impurities and salts.

Water from the well: Landlords may have a drilled well, which is naturally clean and perfect for watering flowers. It is advisable to periodically check the water from the well to ensure that it does not contain any harmful substances or contaminants that have entered the system.

Rainwater: Gathering rainwater into a water tank is a very good solution if you want to irrigate the plants with clear and natural water. For a rainwater collection tank, it is important to prevent leaves, beetles and other dirt from passing through the top, as well as light, which can lead to algae formation. We recommend using the Plant!t water tank to collect rainwater!

Water used for irrigation should always be at room temperature. Plants do not like water that is too cold or too hot, keep it  around 18-22 degrees Celsius. The optimal soil is moist but not stands in water, which is important for getting oxygen to the roots. In stagnant water, the root of the plant does not get oxygen, so the plant dies and the root system rots. Roughly once every month, it’s recommended to flush the soil with ph-calibrated, low-nutrient irrigation water to help flush out excess and nutrient build ups from the grow medium.


Quality Plant Nutrition Manufacturers

Plant nutrient manufacturers specializes in producing the best and most effective plant feed products according to market demand. Various plant feeds and stimulants can be placed on the market after long and deep research, development and authorization procedures. It is essential for growers to use the best plant feeds to maximize quality and quantity.

Growers can choose from a variety of cultivation cultures that are sympathetic to them, and therefore the ideal plant nutrition:

Manufacturers offer liquid fertilizers for soil, coconut fiber, hydroponic and organic crop production. For all crops, the seedling, growth, and blooming cycles must be treated separately, as the plant requires different nutrients. Plants need nitrogen-rich nutrients during the growth phase, while they need phosphorus and potassium-rich nutrients during the bloom/fruit production phase.


The Atami brand was established in the Netherlands in 1997 and it’s main products are plant feeds, growing medias and the WILMA hydroponic system. Atami has over twenty years of experience in the development of plant feeds, stimulants and growth media and is therefore one of the market leaders in plant nutrition. Atami works with its own R&D department and talented professionals on their top quality products. For the best results, basic nutrients can be supplemented with nutrients that fit the life cycle of the plant, such as root stimulators, enzymes or flowering stimulators. Atami products are easy to use, provide great value for money, and provide the grower with detailed information through anime product videos and product descriptions.

Atami Plant Nutritions categories:

ATA Terra – For Soil grow medium

B’Cuzz Soil – For Soil grow medium

ATA Coco – For Coconut fiber grow medium

B’Cuzz Coco – For Coconut fiber grow medium

ATA AWA – For hydroponic systems

ATA NRG – For Organic Bio crop production


Canna is a Dutch company, founded in 1979, which produce plant nutrients and grow mediums. Canna manages all processes inhouse, from research through production to delivery. They have been searching and researching active herbal ingredients, minerals and nutrients since the beginning to achieve amazing results. Canna’s high-tech manufacturing technology guarantees high-quality products.

Canna Plant Nutritions categories:

Terra – For Soil grow medium

Coco – For Coconut fiber grow medium

Aqua – For Hydroponic, NFT, DWC, Ebb & Flood, TFD recirculation systems

Hydro – For Hydroponic Run-to-Waste systems

BioCanna – For Organic-Bio crop production

Bio Nova

Bio Nova is a Dutch company founded in 1993, which produces plant nutrients and grow mediums. Their products are manufactured in high quality standards and are therefore guaranteed to be high quality. Protecting the environment is a priority for Bio Nova, which is why the packaging is made from recycled material, the power is provided by the wind farm and the heating is provided by biomass power plants. Bio Nova Fertilisers are divided into beginner, advanced and professional groups, tailored to the experience of the grower.

Bio Nova Fertiliser categories:

Soil Supermix – For Soil grow medium

Coco Forte – For Coconut grow medium

Hydro Supermix – For hydroponic systems

Veganics – For Organic-Bio crop production


Plagron started in the Netherlands in 1992 as a small earthworm farm and is now a major producer of plant nutrients and grow medias in the world. The research development department is constantly working with area managers and horticultural shops to jointly find solutions to new challenges. Plagron offers affordable products for hobby gardeners and commercial growers. Plagron fertilisers are easy to use and deliver the quality you expect.

Plagron Plant Nutrition categories:

Terra – For soil cultivation

Coco – For Coconut cultivation

Hydro – For hydroponic systems

Natural – For Organic-Bio cultivation

Universal – Products that can be used for any cultivation culture

Advanced Hydroponics

Advanced Hydroponics of Holland was founded in 1993 in the Netherlands. Advanced Hydroponics products are easy to use and guarantee excellent results. Due to their special composition, Advanced Hydroponics plant feeds can be used in any medium, not specifically categorized. For best results, a variety of supplemental nutrients should be used alongside the basic plant nutrition.

Advanced Hydroponics Plant Nutrition Groups:

Soil – For soul cultivation

Coco – For Coconut cultivation

Hydro – For hydroponic systems


Hesi is a Dutch brand specializing in plant nutrition. Due to their special composition, Hesi plant feeds are popular among hobby gardeners. Hesi’s specialty is orcidea plant nutrition, which receives special attention from the company. Hesi also considers continuous improvement important and pays attention to market feedback.

Hesi plant feed groups:

Soil – Soil cultivation

Coco – Coconut cultivation

Hydro – For hydroponic cultivation


The Substral brand belongs to Scotts, Evergeen and other big brands. Substral has been manufacturing plant feeds since 1957 and is an active player in the horticultural industry. Substral produces a variety of plant feeds for indoor and outdoor growing, ornamental plants and lawns.


The Florimo brand was founded in 1998 in Hungary. The ever-evolving company has grown to become a major producer of plant nutrients and growing media in Europe. Florimo’s range includes plant nutrition, culture media and specialty supplements. With their high quality and affordable products, they are a well-liked brand among gardeners.

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