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What you need to know about grow tents for successful indoor growing? You can find out from the article!

If you want to grow plants indoor, the most important question is where you can create an ideal space that meets the plant needs. Thanks to the smart design of today’s modern grow tents they are made with durable rigid material, a robust heavy-duty metal frame, a 90%+ reflective inner cover and an adequate number of vent holes that provide the perfect solution for all type of indoor cultivation. Playgrowned offers a wide range of grow products from the market leader HomeBox, Secret Jardin, Gorilla and Mammoth grow tents.

When planning the grow area, you also need to consider the following factors to make sure that all conditions are ideal for the cultivation.

  • Size of the grow area
  • Maximum plant size
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Ventilation and air circulation
  • Plant illumination

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Small size grow tent (0.16-0.64 m2)

A grow tent or propagator tent are available in a variety of sizes and different designs with small grow area. These plant tents provide an ideal environment for growing micro-greens, seedlings, leafy veggies in small spaces. Due to its small size, the tent’s internal cover acts as a light reflective film and further increases the amount of usable light. For these tents, a CFL compact fluorescent lamp of 150-300 Watt or 40-150 Watt LED illumination is recommended. For proper air change and ventilation the manufacturers recommend the use of a 100-200 m3/h inline vents and 1 or 2 x 20cm clip-on fans.

Secret Jardin Cristal Room

The Secret Jardin Cristal Room made of high quality Ø7 mm frame and tear resistant 210D canvas. The inline reflective cover increases the amount of usable light.

The Secret Jardin Cristal Room tents are available in a 0.2-1 m2 grow area.

Secret Jardin Dark Propagator

The Secret Jardin Dark Propagator is a plant tent made with a Ø16 mm frame and a 190D canvas. For the maximum utilization of light, it has a reflective mylar inner cover cover.

The Dark Propagator’s 3-storey design allows you to grow sprouts, micro-greens and vegetables at the same time.

Homebox Vista Grow Tent

grow tent, secret jarding, grow box, propagation tentThe Homebox Vista is a premium quality grow tent which is developed for the cultivation of micro-greens and small vegetables. With the unique reflective Homebox PAR+ white coating guarantees over 90% light reflection to maximize the usable light. Made of durable rigid canvas with reinforced Ø16 mm load-bearing heavy duty frame and 3 shelf system design.

This is a real vegetable factory that you can buy in a complete set with ventilation and LED lights recommended. Vista tents are available on the webshop with a 2.16 m2 grow area and 120 cm ceiling height.

Homebox HomeLab Grow Tent

grow tent, grow box, propagation tent, homeboxHomeLab grow tent is a practical and affordable indoor tent. Available in different sizes from 40 × 40 cm to 240 × 120 cm to suit different grower needs.

You can find plant growing tent sets on the webshop equipped with ventilation and grow light matched for the size.


Medium size grow tent (0.64-2.25 m2)

Medium-sized tents range from 80 x 80 cm to 150 × 150 cm and have a height of 120-200 cm provide the right space for any plant. Thanks to the reinforced metal frame, you can rest assured that the HPS, CMH or LED lamp hanging over the canopy will stay in place. The open canvas and the over 90% reflective cover provide the perfect space for crop production. Ventilation pipes can be connected in several places for proper ventilation. Homebox premium tents also have factory-integrated bug net. It is recommended to use a 400-600 Watt HPS / CMH or 200-400W LED lamp to illuminate such a large size tent. The required air exchange is recommended by the manufacturers between 200-400 m3 / h depending on the size of the tent.

Secret Jardin Hydro Shoot Grow Tent

grow tent, secret jarding, grow box, propagation tentSecret Jardin Hydro Shoot equiped with Ø16 mm frame and 210D canvas with reflective mylar inner cover.

It is an excellent and affordable tent for plant cultivation, especially for hydro-crop plants.

Available in a practical 0.2-1.2 m2 area in a 120-200 cm height version.

Secret Jardin Lodge Grow Room

grow tent, secret jarding, grow box, propagation tentThe Secret Jardin Lodge is a cleverly developed grow tent that has two separate production areas, so it is possible to grow seedlings or microgreens and vegetables or flowers at once.

This unique design allows you to provide yourself and your family with continuous vitamin supplements throughout the year.

Homebox Ambient R Grow Tent

The Homebox Ambient premium growing tents have been designed and manufactured in Germany with German precision. The elegant beige tear-off canvas is perfectly closed, with no light coming in or out. The uniquely developed PAR+ white inner cover has proven better reflective properties than the silver mylar cover, and also absorbs much of the heat generated by the lamp.


Large size grow tent (2.25 m2 ++)

Plant growing tents of more than 2 sqm are perfectly suited to an indoor garden with a height of 2 to 2.4 meters, as there is plenty of room for growing large plants. Here you can grow any plant, because there is a huge area available. With a wide range of professional automatic irrigation, lighting and ventilation systems for use in tents, you can create your own customized system, even with Playgrowned support. For thorough planning and continuous flawless operation, we provide free consultation to ensure you get the most out of your system and plants.

Secret Jardin Dark Room Grow Tent

grow tent, secret jarding, grow box, propagation tentThe Secret Jardin Dark Room is made with a reflective mylar inner cover with a Ø19 mm frame and a 210D tear resistant canvas.

The largest 600 x 300 cm tent has a 18 m2 grow area with a filter, lamp, cable hanger included in the package to make it easier to fix the growing tools and equipments.

Homebox Ambient Q Grow Tent

homebox, grow tent, plant tent, growboxHomebox Ambient Premium Grow Tents have been designed and manufactured in Germany. The elegant beige tear-off canvas is perfectly closed, with no light coming in or out. The uniquely developed PAR+ white inner cover has proven better reflective properties than the silver mylar cover, and also absorbs much of the heat generated by the lamp.

The Ambient Q200-Q300 series has a very large production area of ​​4-9 m2, where you can succesfully grow any kind of plants.

Gorilla Grow Tent

Gorilla grow tent, grow box, plant tent, The Gorilla Grow Tent Grow Tents have won the Grow Tent of the Year in the United States thanks to their highest, strongest and thickest unique properties. The Ø22 mm structure of the tent, the cover of the 1960D tear resistant canvas and the diamond-shaped reflective mylar provides perfect conditions for any type of plant production. With the optional expansion kit, you can extend the grow tent height by an additional 30 or 60 cm at any time, which is not offered by any other manufacturer on the market.

Mammoth Elite Grow Tent

The Mammoth Grow Tent tents range has the Elite series. Thanks to the Ø25 mm steel frame and the 600D canvas with mylar inner cover, this tent is one of the best on the market. Available in twenty types: 1.44-72 m2, with 2.15 and 2.4 meters high, including the largest 72m² Mammoth Elite HC900L, which is rightly called the Mother of All Tents.


I hope that I have been able to present the premium quality grow tents and accessories that are available at Playgrowned. If you have decided on the grow area and plants you would like to grow, you may want to read the following articles about systems and advice for plant production.

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