Viresco presowed grass textiles are the perfect solution for garden lawns!

This article will share with you the experiences of laying grass textile in a family house garden!


– In the event of heavy rainfall, the soil will become muddy and the grass seeds may be washed out

– It is difficult to evenly distribute the grass seeds, the lawn may be spotted

– The grass seeds should be protected from birds and insects

– It is recommended to use some lawn fertilizer to ensure proper nutrient supply


Why Choose Viresco presowed grass textile?

– Easy to install and holds the grass seeds and fertilizer in place

– Provides fast and steady grass growth thanks to precise sowing and nutrients

– Premium quality grass mix assortment (sunny, shaded, flower seeds)

– Cellulose-based aesthetic green mulch that is fully biodegradable in 4 months

– You can step on it and use the garden right away, until the lawn is completely outgrown


Laying the grass 

During the preparation, the soil was rotated to a depth of 5-8 cm and weeds were removed.

(We didn’t use herbicides because many earthworms live in the ground, no chemicals needed).

It is important to compact the soil and create a smooth surface for best results.

Following the leveling, we started rolling the Viresco grass textile from one corner, which can be easily cut with a pair of scissors.

The grass textile was fixed at the corners and between the lanes with biodegradable bio-plastic nails.

50 biodegradable nails are sufficient to fix 50 m2 of grass textile.

With Viresco Grass Textile you can enjoy aesthetic lawn in 4 weeks!

Week 1 – Thanks to the 2 sprinkles a day, the grass seeds developed rapidly, resulting in the appearance of the first blossoms at the end of the first week.

Week 2 – Grass blossoms grew all over the surface, with little rain to water.

Week 3 – At the end of the week, the grass is 6-8 cm tall, with a steady growth everywhere.

Week 4 – Grass height 16-20 cm, nice green color. It is now possible to mow the grass, but the cutting height should not be less than 5 cm.

















Grass textiles can be ordered on request, delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks.

The biggest advantage of Viresco grass textiles is that the garden can be used immediately after “installation”.

Other benefits you might expect when making a decision:

  • kid and dog-friendly – no rain in the garden in case of rain
  • cats use other places to do their job
  • value-for-money premium solution for garden gardening
  • the garden is beautifully green for the fourth week, after which the lawn is beautifully green

The price of Viresco grass textile is 300 EUR / 100 m2

Price for the biodegradable nails: 18 EUR / 50 pcs